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Our Coyotes are winning by a score of 6-1 at halftime over the @TurlockExpress #MASL #EPCoyotes #JoinOurPack
11 Hours Ago
End of the 1st Quarter here in El Paso, score of Coyotes 3-0 @TurlockExpress. Goals by the Salas Brothers and Marco Gonzalez!! #MASL
12 Hours Ago
Final Score: @SolesdeSonora 11- Coyotes 10. Great game full of goals and great play by both teams!! Coyote Hugo Pue… https://t.co/8mi5egJ2dc
7 Days Ago
Halftime here in El Paso with Non-Stop MASL action!! Score of @SolesdeSonora 6 and Coyotes 5!! #MASL
7 Days Ago
End of the 1st Quarter in El Paso @SolesdeSonora lead our Coyotes by a score of 3-2. #MASL #JoinOurPack
7 Days Ago

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