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After a very competitive and unsuccessful opening season for the El Paso Coyotes. Management has decided to introduce a new head coach and players.

Along with a more experienced indoor soccer head coach, the El Paso Coyotes will also be adding five new experienced players. Management have listened to the concerns from our fans and believe that these internal changes will cause the El Paso Coyotes to become more successful in the remaining games of the season. 

The new Head Coach, Jose Luis Trevino Ruiz, from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon has previously lead MASL team’s Soles de Sonora and Monterrey Flash into the League’s championship.  










Mario Arrieta, foward from El Paso, Tx who has played in Queretaro and in the 2nd Division in  Reynosa.


Hector Casillas, Goalkeeper from Las Vegas, NV who has played for the Las Vegas Legend.


Bronil Koochoie, midfielder with Iranian Decent, who played for Turlock Express, Dallas Sidekicks, Las Vegas, Ontario as well as in Sweden, Thailand, and Iran.  


Antonio Garcia, defender from Mexico City, who played with Soles de Sonora. 


Robert Garcia, forward from California, who played with the Las Vegas Legends 





The new Head Coach and new players will debut at our next home game, Friday, January 6th at 7:30PM at El Paso County Coliseum. Purchase your tickets at TICKETMASTER or at the El Paso County Coliseum Box Office. For Group Tickets, Special Tickets or VIP Tickets call 915-229-1416

This weekend, the El Paso Coyotes had a very busy weekend by traveling and playing three back to back games along the west coast, starting in Turlock, California and ending in Baja California, Tijuana.
    The first game Friday night was against Turlock Express with a half-time score of 2-2 and a Final time-score of 9-5, where our new borderland team started off strong by lacked in defense in the last two quarters. Goals were scored by Tomas Campos; David Salas (2); Maleno Frias; and Andoni Eugui. Replay the entire game by watching it Here.
     Next day evening, at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California our local team was defeated by the Ontario Fury with a half-time score of 3-3 and a final-time score of 10-4.
Daniel Frias assisted by Omar Ledesma; David Salas assisted by Juan Gomez; Daniel Frias assisted by Andoni Eugui; and Marco Gonzalez with an assist by Jorge Nava, added up the four goals from Coyotes. Replay the entire game by watching it Here.
    Sadly, the third and final game was also a defeat. The El Paso Coyotes showed signs of fatigue due to their busy weekend and couldn’t defeat Atletico Baja when visiting the Unidad Deportiva in Tijuana, Mexico. The encounter had a half-time score of 8-4 and a final-time score of Baja 14-9 El Paso. Despite many goals were scored, it was in this last game of the year that the Coyotes showed a clear improvement scoring goals and understanding better the game.
    Goals were scored by David Salas assisted by Jose Moreno; El Che Gomez after a rebound by powerful shoot of “Maleno” Frias; again “El Che” Gomez with an assist from Omar Tena; Marco Gonzalez; Tomas Campos assisted by “El Che” Gomez; Jose Moreno; Jose Acosta; and again David Salas assisted by Maleno Frias, who also scored one of the goals. Replay the entire game by watching it Here.
     The match had a special character. A few days ago, Atletico Baja announced the inclusion of a woman, as part of their team of players playing in the Major Arena Soccer League. The EP Coyotes are proud to be part of this historic breakthrough in professional soccer as she made her official debut on Sunday night. Carolina Jaramillo is the first woman to play among men in a MASL team.  Congratulations Carolina!
Our next game will be Friday, January 6, 2017 at 7:30pm at El Paso County Coliseum against the Soles De Sonora.

Una vez más, el toque de balón y la adaptación al juego rápido del futbol de esta naturaleza volvieron a ser un factor fundamental en la derrota de El Paso ante Dallas el viernes pasado en el Coliseo. 

Los Coyotes siguen en proceso de adaptación al futbol rápido o “indoor”. Desafortunadamente, los Dallas Sidekicks dominaron a la manada 5-12 en un duelo intenso y en ciertos lapsos arcaico. Sin embargo, dos de los jugadores que más destacaron por parte de la escuadra paceña fueron Omar Ledezma y el arquero Pepe Torres, este último con varias atajadas realmente espectaculares donde a pesar de los 12 goles recibidos, volvió a demostrar su experiencia en el continente europeo y su gran proyección profesional. Por otro lado, el delantero Ledezma mostró que es quien ha entendido y leído mejor el estilo de juego, adjudicándose dos buenos goles.

Asi mismo, los Coyotes siguen evolucionando y trabajando como equipo para crear más juego colectivo, y comprender mejor las estrategias defensivas y ofensivas de este balompié internacional.

“La verdad estamos un poco tristes sobre la derrota pero tenemos que sacarle provecho a esto. Tenemos que aprender y mejorar los detallitos que nos hacen falta”, comentó el defensa Leo Siqueiros. “Les pido disculpas porque no les hemos dado la satisfacción pero decirles que sigan apoyando y, primero Dios, todo va a salir bien”, agregó el ex Rayados de Monterrey. (Fuente: Futbol JuarezTV)

Este sábado 10 de Diciembre, EP Coyotes juega su sexto juego de la MASL contra el primer de lugar de su grupo/conferencia, los Soles de Sonora. La cita es a las 7 pm en el Coliseo de El Paso. 

Súmate a la manada y apóyalos!

El Paso, Texas (December 10, 2016) - The Sonora Soles continued their hot play as they dismantled the El Paso Coyotes 11 to 2 in a blowout win at the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas, on December 10th 2016.

The Coyotes now fall to 0-6 as they continue to struggle to win their first Major Arena Soccer League game, while the Soles improve to 5 -1 and extend their win streak to 5.

Coyotes’ rookie goalkeeper Jose Torres had 18 saves on 29 shots against in his second game versus the Soles, while Coyotes’ rookie midfielders Omar Ledesma & Marco Gonzales each scored a goal.

Soles Superstar Forward Frank Tayou continued his stellar play with a dominating 6 goals. Tayou leads the league in goals (23) and points (30).

The Coyotes started the game strong allowing only 4 points in the first half and being down by only 3 against, arguably, the best team in the league. The Soles then gained momentum and closed out the game strong on a 6-0 run starting from the 5 minute mark in the 3rd quarter.

Saturday’s matchup was the second of four meetings between the two teams. Their next matchup against each other won’t be until next year on Friday, January 6th at the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas. This will also be the Coyotes’ first game to start off the new year.


by Arturo Carrasco Jr

EL PASO, Texas - The El Paso Coyotes are bringing fun and excitement to the city's soccer fans. They're just not bringing the victories - at least not yet.

The Coyotes fell to 0-5 on the season after suffering a loss at home Friday night to the Dallas Sidekicks. Dallas has beaten El Paso in all three matchups thus far.

The Coyotes fell in an early 5-0 hole and were never able to climb back en route to a 12-5 loss.

It’s been a rough introduction to the Major Arena Soccer League so far, as many players on the Coyotes are adjusting to the arena game, which is much different from traditional 11-man soccer.

The team currently has conceded 66 goals in its first five matches while only scoring 30.

But they’ve got time to right the ship and 15 more matches left this season to get the franchise’s first win.

El Paso will next play at home on Dec. 10 against Sonora, which is currently leading the Southwest division of Major Arena Soccer.


Source: KVIA

Although results haven't been as expected and our home team still have plenty of room for improvement, some players have been evolving and persisten on scoring goals.


Such is the case of the ex-former Chivas player from Guadalajara and Coras from Nayarit, forward Omar Ledezma, who has scored 6 goals in the 5 games played in the MASL. With excellent dribling skills and great velocity to shoot, his abilities make him a key player to the pack attack. "El Hachita" is one of the players with best projection and potential to grow into a top MASL scorer. 


Andoni or "Doni" Eugui, coach "Profe" Eugui's son and native of Irapuato, Mexico, has been also standing out as a player with determination and a powerful  right foot. With 4 goals in this first season, Doni continues to scoring but needs to comprehend better the technical and strategic plays.


El Pasoan Gary Willis is one of the revelations of the team. With a wide stride and a strong musculature, he's turning into of those players that never gives up to run back and forth blocking balls and always looking to score. Last game against Dallas Sidekicks, he scored his first goal of the season with a superb shot. His celebration was clearly dedicated to the fans and his family.


On the other hand, we hope Che Gomez gets completely recovered from his injury before the weekend when Coyotes hosts Sonora Soles. Maleno may not have scored enough goals, but he's certainly always a threat on the opponent's net.


Don't forget to leave a mark at the El Paso County Coliseum this Saturday at 7 pm as the El Paso Coyotes play against Sonora Soles!

Llegó la hora de que los Coyotes de El Paso salden su cuenta pendiente contra los Sidekicks de Dallas. Y para unirse mejor a la manada, qué mejor que adquirir hoy mismo la piel oficial del equipo?! Camisetas, balones y la jersey oficial estarán disponibles dentro del Coliseo. 

Los Coyotes jugarán su tercer juego como local y también tercero contra su similar de Dallas en donde desafortunadamente el cuadro canino ha sido derrotado dos veces. 

No olvides hoy dejar tu marca vistiendo la jersey oficial de Coyotes y apoyando con todo a tus jugadores favoritos! Lleva a tu familia, a tus amigos, a tu novio o a tu novia! Las puertas del Coliseo abren a las 6 pm. 

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The MASL announced that Coyotes rookie goalkeeper Jose Torres had an honorable mention in the MASL team of the week. 


“Pepe” Torres had 12 fantastic saves in his first game against the Sonora Soles. Unfortunately, it was not enough to counter the Soles offensive strategy led by Soles star forward Franck Tayou. With this amazing performance, it becomes more clear why he played in the second French Division.


With this recognition, the El Paso Coyotes continue adapting to the game and improving week by week. Congratulations, “Pepe”!

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