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El Paso Coyote’s Club Card

Join our pack and become an OFFICIAL FAN for our 2017-18 season by becoming a COYOTE CLUB CARD season pass holder and take advantage of the following benefits:

Reserved Seating

Get to pick your own seat to get into the action!

VIP access

Get access and Special Invitations to our Meet and Greet El Paso Coyote’s players, Coyote Girls, and Max, The Coyote!

Media & Game Day Access

Be one of the special guests that we will have over with our team


Get access to special pricing, discounts & even FREE MERCHANDISE

Enjoy the following

Reserved front row to the seat of your choice for all 11 HOME GAMES! (first come first serve)

FREE Official El Paso Coyote’s Jersey

FIRST 100 coyote club card holders will get a custom Jersey with their last name printed on the back of the Jersey

VIP access to Meet and Greet El Paso Coyote’s players

Get to meet the team, the Coyote Girls, and Max, The Coyote!

Discounts from local stores

Get up to 15% discounts at participating restaurants and business sponsors. (Follow us on Facebook, visit the website regularly to stay up to date on any new merchants)

Free Access to all Special Events

Once you are part of Our Pack, you'll get to join us at El Paso’s Soccer Fair, Pre-games, Special MASL Games or Showings, Meet & Greet, Tailgate Parties & More!


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